Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not A Good Update...

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I do not have internet access at home any longer so I can only update when I have access to internet and the time to do it. Cami went back into the hospital on Monday. She had a routine MRI and then I took both Cody and Cami to their Pediatrician due to them both having cold symptoms. Their Dr was not available, so one of her partners looked at them and said that they both had "pink" colored ears and were congested, etc... so they were prescribed amoxicillian. Anyway, as I am buckling Cody in his car seat my phone rings and it is Cami's neuro surgeon's office telling me to get to the children's hospital ER immediately. I asked why and I was told that Cami had bleeding in her brain that needed to be taken care of. So, I went from the kids Doctor in South Austin to the Children's Er in Central Austin. Well.... what would have usually taken about 20 minutes tops, took an hour due to rush hour traffic. I got to the ER, Cami was admitted and went into surgery. Her shunt was removed and 3 drains were put in to drain the blood in her ventricular veins on the left and right side. The 3rd drain was to do what the shunt was there to do- remove fluid. Her Neuro surgeon said that it was caused by the shunt working "to well" So, she came out of surgery and seemed to be okay except for a lot of pain. However, last night she went down hill quickly. She started having a hard time breathing and was rushed to the ICU. She is still there. They have incubated her so that she can breathe. She is basically being put to sleep with medication so that she doesn't know what is going on. She has a line sewed into her leg so that they can get blood and give here stuff as well. She has needles in her hand as well. She is very swollen and looks horrible. She doesn't even look like herself. Today I was told that the newest MRI shows 4 more bleeds in her brain itself- not in the ventricular area- but the brain itself. No one knows why this has happened or what is going on. They have consulted with a hematologist and sent many blood cultures to him to see if she has a bleeding disorder that may be causing this. The bleeds were not there Monday night when the drains were surgically installed. She also have been diagnosed with RSV as well and has an infection in both her brain and her lungs. The infection has not been named yet- but she is on 2 antibiotics to help cure it. Anyway, any prayers would be appreciated. Three members of our church came tonight and Brothers Brad and Michael Pickett gave Cami a blessing and also gave me one. Sister Annette Pickett was there for me in my time of need and I love her. She is a wonderful friend, confidant and a terrific mother to her 3 children. Thank you all for coming tonight.


  1. Christy, I cant imagine what you are going through. How scarey for you to have to get her to the Er. I am so sorry Cami is in the hospital. Sounds like she is where she need to be for now. Hopefully the Dr will find the cause of the bleeds and get them stopped. I will say extra prayers for Cami and your whole family. If you can please keep us updated on how Cami is doing. You try and get some rest so you dont get down sick. I Hope Cody gets feeling better.I am glad you had people there for you tonight.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    carol n

  2. Christy,
    I first read this post while I was at work on Googlereader. I couldn't access your blog directly so I had to wait to comment. But I did not wait to pray, I prayed right then and there in my classroom. I'm so sorry that Cami is not doing well, she is such a precious little girl. I will continue to pray for you and your dear family. And may God give you strength right now and heal your sweet baby girl!
    Sending hugs and love,

  3. Praying for Cami and for your whole family right now. Praying that she is healed quickly and for strength for you and your husband during this time.

  4. Praying for Cami and your whole family!!!
    God Bless!!!!!!