Friday, December 10, 2010

Pictures & Medications

The first picture is of Cody giving his baby sister a kiss, then there are 2 pictures of Cami that were taken on 11/30. The other two were taken tonight
Here is a list of the medications that Cami is on right now
Rocephin- Antibiotic
Pepcid- Stomach Acid Help
Lasix- Diuretic
Keppra- Seizures
Normal Saline- Keep Hydrated
Puraluke- Moisturize Eyes
Vitamin K- Helps Blood To Clot
Albuterol- Nebulizer
3% Sodium Chloride- Nebulizer
Vancomycin- Antibiotic
Tylenol- Fever
Neosporin- This is for her Drain Sites
Versed- Sedation
Fentanyl- Sedation & Pain

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  1. Christy,
    What a beautiful baby Cami is. I love the picture of her and Cody. She has grown so much since her last pictures.I am glad she has good Drs. taking care of her so she can get back home with her family.I hope you know you have many people praying for Cami and your whole family. God Bless
    carol n