Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chip In *with update*

A few blogger friends recommended that I put a "chip in" on my page. So, I did. Dear readers, do not feel that you "have" to give to us. It is there is you feel led to, but do not feel that you have to. I feel horrible honestly. Per paypal I can only remove $500.00 a month from it. If you would like to help us you can mail a money order or check to us as well.

Christy Faglie C/O
Ronald McDonald House
1315 Barbara Jordan Blvd
Austin, Tx 78723

Please don't feel that you have to send or give anything- prayers are helpful as well. I just had a few of my sweet readers tell me to do this so I am. I have never had to "beg" before and it is very humbling to say the least. We can afford our current bills but we can't come up with the past due on the house and that is what is killing us right now. Poor Camryn had so many appointments when she came home and we had to pay cash for a lot of her appointments because she wasn't covered on our insurance. Then once she had insurance the copays were $50.00 for her specialists that she had to see 2 + times a week. Those of you who have read my blog for a long time know that Camryn has hydrocephalus & holoprosenscephaly. The poor baby is sick- so she had to see neurologists, her neurosurgeon, internal medicine, had mri's, eye doctor & more. Anyway, the chip in is there- if you feel led please help. If you cannot help financially- please say a prayer for my sweet baby girl and include my son in there as well that he stay healthy.
***Sissy is going through withdraw pretty hard right now*** I have watched her little body shake and it is awful!! They lowered her withdrawel medicine- they gave her more 2 times today when I was there because I demanded it. I am meeting with the rounding Doctors tomorrow because this is UNACCEPTABLE to happen to a 4 month old baby. She is innocent in all of this! The pictures are during withdrawel... they are awful
God Bless,


  1. It just breaks my heart that she is going through all of this!!! Praying for baby Camryn!!!!

  2. Cami hang in there little one.You have so many people that love and are praying for you.Christy take care of yourself and your family.Hope they can give her something to make her more comfortable.Here to a New Year hopefully 2011 will be a better one for your family!!
    carol n