Thursday, December 9, 2010

More about Cami

Updates... she had another MRI today and there are not more brain bleeds, just the original 4. Thank you JESUS!! She is still in a medicinal coma basically so that she doesn't feel anything. She is still on the breathing machine, still has RSV, still has a brain and lung infection and still has 4 brain bleeds. She was so swollen though that her skin looked like it was starting to stretch- so they put her on lasiks (sp?) and some of the swelling has come down. They are giving it to her every 8 hours as long as she can tolerate it. She now has a rash on her chest and belly that I pointed out to the nurse- the rounding Dr just said that it can be a contact rash or possibly a rash from one of the many medications that she is on. They will just watch it for now. Her EEG came back and the neurologist said that it just shows a brain malformation that could cause seizures. Well, we know she has a brain malformation- so that isn't news to us. She did have a seizure right in front of the neurologist today- so they are upping her seizure medication to 3 times a day now. Her color is better though- she is pink now instead of gray, but that is becauseCheck Spelling of the breathing machine- if she was breathing on her own, we may not have her right now because she was gray & blue before they breathing machine came into play. I am going to try to get a list of medications that she is on, but I don't know if they will spell them all out for me because some have really long names. I know her seizure medication is kepra (sp?) and she is now getting that 3 times a day now. Her pain medication is fentanyl (sp?) and she is on a continuous drip of that. Anyway, so basically nothing has changed except that some of her swelling has come down. I know she is in God's hands. I pray that he lets her stay on this earth long after I am gone- but that is his decision. I am trying to stay calm, at first I was not calm at all and just cried- but now I realize that I have to be strong for both Camryn and Cody. So, that is all for now. Will try to update more tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers.

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  1. Christy, I am so proud of you staying strong for Cody and Cami.Sounds favorable no more brain bleeds. Swelling down. Both are positive things to keep hold of. Both Cami and Cody are lucky to have such a strong and loving mom. Know even though so many of us cant be with you we are here for you. Cami has so many prayer angels all of you do. Get some rest now and take care of yourself.Thanks for the update
    God BLess
    carol n