Friday, January 23, 2009

16 Weeks Today

**WOW** I am 16 wks today, I am so excited!! I like the picture of the baby on the top of the blog. Makes it more "real" to see a baby at this stage in the game. I still feel great and do not feel ill at all. I can still fit into most of my clothes (except my jeans, I had to start leaving them unbuttoned) I have gained a total of 1 pound. I gain, then I lose. So, at this point in the game I am 1 pound more than when I started. However, the last trimester will beef me up pretty quickly. I haven't felt the baby move again yet but cannot wait for another movement. I know that feeling the baby this early was just a gift from God because he knew I needed it that day. I have refused all genetic testing because if something is "wrong" with the baby, it will not matter to us. The baby is ours regardless and nothing will make us terminate this pregnancy or give our baby up. So, it does not matter. My OB completely understands this so has not pushed me on it. However, at every ultrasound so far the baby is measuring fine and there have not been any indicators that something is not going right. I will know more at my 20 wk u/s on 2/20. However, as I have said before we will take whatever God gives us and will not have a problem with it as he will not give us more than we can handle. I will just feel blessed to have a live child to love. God has given me the greatest gift he possibly could other than giving me life. He has blessed me with a very supportive family, a wonderful husband, beautiful pets, a great church and wonderful friends. All of the above have touched my life and continue to do so daily. God led me to my husband that I am 100% sure of. Kevin accepts me with any and all flaws and loves me unconditionally. I am blessed with wonderful pets that God lets me keep, my pets restore my heart and keep me sane. I see the love of God every time I interact with one of my dogs or cats. (not to say they never stress me out, but the good far outweighs the bad) He has blessed me with wonderful friends, for which I do not know how I would have made it without them the last few months when I was ill. My childhood was not perfect by any means but it could have been worse. God gave me to my family because he knew that I needed them to become who I am today and I hope to be able to pass the positives of my upbringing to my child. I know God does not make mistakes so I know that he is giving us this specific child for a reason. We still want to adopt and will continue on that plan once that baby is born and we get the go ahead from God that it is time. Please keep us and our baby in your prayers. Please keep all orphans in your prayers and last but not least by any means. Please keep all animals in your prayers as well.


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