Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

Okay, so maybe I am completely blind to fashion, but really!? I have a friend who I will call "J" So, J emails me this picture and is sooooo excited that she has found and purchased these boots. Apparently she has been looking for quite a while to find these hideous things. Apparently they are quite the fashion these days. They are "uggs" and are ugly as sin to me, however, J just found them at such a bargain... Are you ready for her "bargain" price? $240.00 and she got free shipping! Well, heck yeah she got free shipping the seller saw her coming a mile away. So, am I the only one that find these things hideous??? I think about how many nice pairs of shoes she could have bought with $240.00. Especially in THIS economy!!

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