Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Blessed Day

Eddie, Willie & Maggie
These are some of my pets. The top are Eddie, Willie & Maggie and below one of my cat's Lenny. (ignore the chew marks on the foot board of the bed, Maggie did that when she was a puppy)
I love all of my pets. They bring so much joy (and hassle) into my life.
Today has been a great day. I went to my mom's house for a bit and ate lunch and then talked with my sister for a while. Also, got to "talk" with my friend Kristy while she is in Ukraine adopting her little girl. Have to admit I haven't gotten any housework done today. Will try to get it done tonight. Tomorrow my Aunt Della is going to be down from Ohio and everyone is meeting at my Grandma's house. So, I will be able to see almost the entire side of my dad's family and that will be nice. I will post pictures once I get home. My cousin Stephanie and her 2 kids will be there (she is pregnant with her 3rd little boy now) She is due in May and then she will have her tubes tied. She has 2 beautiful little boys now. I cannot wait to find out what I am having. I think it is a little girl, but very well may be a boy. However, I probably will not know for another month. I have an appt on Monday but I don't think the Dr will be doing a u/s so most likely will not be able to find out then. I am 15 wks and I know other people have found out sooner. I honestly do not care what sex the baby is, just want a healthy baby. I just have a "feeling" that the baby is a girl though. My mom thinks the baby will be a boy. We shall see. I have gained a total of 2 pounds so far. Not bad, when I was pregnant with Charity I gained like 70lbs. Trying with all my might to keep weight gain down. Still eating a lot, but eating healthy stuff and leaving taco cabana alone. When I was pregnant with Charity I ate Taco Cabana every single day (I used to work down the street from one) However, I need to quit making home made brownies (yes from scratch, I do not like boxed mixes) I think the 2 pounds came from the last batch of brownies, lol. Anyway, that is about it around here, have a great day!

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