Monday, January 12, 2009

My Husband

Have I ever mentioned what a wonderful husband I have? We have been married since August 2002, though we have known each other since we were kids. (he was/is my little brother's best friend) Funny how time changes things! When we were younger, I hated all of my brother's friends and most of the time hated my brother too, lol. They were all annoying, loud and obnoxious and I wanted nothing to do with any of them. I used to dread when I saw them all pulling up in the driveway on their bikes. Fast forward quite a few years, I had just come out of a very long term relationship that ended badly and Kevin was living in the guest house at my dad's house. (Kevin was 19 yrs old) Yes, he was paying rent, lol. Anyway, we went out to eat a few times and just hung out as friends and Kevin kept asking me out on dates and I kept turning him down. He WAS my brother's best friend and he WAS a just a kid to me. ( I am almost 4 yrs older) Anyway, long story short (ha) I agreed to go out on a date and lo and behold actually had fun! We started talking daily (I lived an hour away) and seeing each other as often as we could. (all of this while no one in my family knew about it) Anyway, we enjoyed each other's company and became boyfriend & girlfriend. Then after about a year of dating we were married, just a simple ceremony with our reception at Olive Garden. I think we shocked everyone, I mean who would have believed that we would end up together? We couldn't believe it either, lol. Kevin is loving, caring, faithful, attentive, charming, reliable and a hard worker. He has his days where I cannot stand him, but I think every relationship has those days :o) He is a definite improvement over my ex who was none of the things above. (well, I am sure he was charming but that was to other women) When I mentioned adoption to Kevin he never questioned the why of it. Actually, he brought it up first a long time ago. When I mentioned that I wanted to adopt 2 children with Down Syndrome it took him just a day to think about it before coming to me and saying that if I could handle 2 children with DS, then he could as well. He is a very loving person and accepts me with all my flaws, weight issues, animals and attitude. I love my husband very much and thank God daily for him. Since we found out that I am pregnant (and since I am high risk) Kevin is even more attentive than before and helps around the house daily. The last 2 days he has been the one to wash the dishes and even cooked breakfast yesterday morning. Kevin works very hard for a living and takes care of the yard (3.5 acres) the trash, the dogs, cleaning the dog building, cleaning the inside & outside of both of our cars and the litter boxes. He has always tried to cook before but since he tries to cook everything on high I kicked him out of the kitchen, so it was nice yesterday morning when he got up and cooked breakfast w/o cooking on high and the breakfast was wonderful! Then he cleaned the kitchen afterwards. May not sound like a lot, but on top of everything else he does it was very sweet of him to just do it all w/o me even asking him. Am I saying he is perfect? of course not but he sure is nice to have around.

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