Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not really much to talk about...

I am just super excited thinking about my February 20th ultrasound appt! I cannot wait to see my little bug again! Kevin, my mom, my sister and myself will all be at that appointment. I maxed out my guest list, lol. While I am super excited about possibly finding out the sex (of course baby has to cooperate) I am even more excited just thinking about seeing my little one again. Kevin lays his head on my stomach every night and talks to the baby and also puts his hand there and swears he feels the baby moving ( I think it is just my stomach gurgling or something) However, he thinks it is the baby so I will let him continue thinking that. Who knows? Maybe it is the baby. I haven't felt the baby move anymore, I wish the little bug would move soon for me. Have a great day!!


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