Sunday, January 18, 2009


My friend Kristy is in Ukraine right now waiting out her 10 day wait to bring her little girl home. She is there alone. Her husband had to come home to go back to work (he stayed as long as he could, this is their 2nd adoption in one year and he was very lucky to get off work long enough to do the visiting and court for the 2nd one) Anyway, just like our economy is in the toilet here, it is as well there (may even be worse there) She is in one of the poorer regions of Ukraine and many people are jobless and many banks have been robbed since she has been there. She is in a safe flat and has a nice driver that walks her to her door. However, I still worry about her being there by herself. Please keep her in your prayers. Please pray for her safety & health and add in that she makes her flight back on time with her little girl.

Thank you very much!!!

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