Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Get Together #4

Me & Julia
My "uncle" Rick & his Girlfriend (he is not really an uncle, but has been there my whole life)

Cousin Shauna, My brother Bobby, Me & My Cousin Stephanie

Ricky, Artie, Stephanie & Austin (Artie is my uncle and Stephanie is his daughter)
As you can see from all the pictures that I posted we had a great family get together. It is very rare that we are able to get everyone together at the same time. My Aunt Della is visiting from Ohio (where my Dad's family is from) My Uncle Artie, Cousin Stephanie & her boys live north of Dallas (6.5 hours away from us) My cousin Shauna lives about 1.5 hours away (not too far) and the rest are just hard to get together. My sister and her fiance did not make it (no good reason as to why not) Kevin had to work so he was unable to be there. Me, my brother, my sister, Shauna & Stephanie grew up together. We were all very close growing up and it was nice to be together again today (besides my sister who did not show up) I do have other cousins that didn't make it, but the really important 2 did make it and I am very grateful for that. Shauna & Stephanie are only 3 wks apart in age and are 5 yrs younger than I am. Stephanie is pregnant with her 3rd boy who is due on May 18th. I enjoyed being able to get pictures of my Grandma and all of her kids together. We haven't been able to get a picture with six of her kids together in many years. As you can tell Julia and I are close and she always wants to get a picture with me, she is such a cute little Bug. She always presses on my stomach asking "is the baby right here?" today she did the same to Stephanie, lol. Robert, Julia, Ricky & Austin were all fast friends and had a blast chasing each other around and playing. My nephew was not in the mood for pictures today. We had to basically force him to be in any of the pictures today. Oh well, must be a phase. He has also decided that he doesn't like hamburgers as well. So he had a "chili" sandwich instead. Anyway, that is about it. We had a great time and I am very thankful for it.

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