Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kevin's Family

Kevin's brother Steve
Kevin's nephew Bryce & His Dad Robert (Wynell's son & Husband)

Kevin's nephew (Steve's son) and his wife Katie

Kevin's sister Wynell

Kevin's mom Shirley
Someone asked me for pics of Kevin's family. Kevin has 5 brothers and 1 sister. He is the only child between his mom and dad. His dad had 4 boys with his first wife and his mom had a boy (Steve) and girl (Wynell) with her first husband. Kevin was a definite surprise as his siblings were all 19 yrs old and older when he came along. This was Christmas at his mom's with her kids. Steve, his son Cory & Cory's wife Katie, Wynell, her husband Robert and their son Bryce. (Wynell also has a son, Louis with her first husband who now has children of his own, he was not there this year) So, this is Kevin's mom and 2 of his siblings. Kevin's father passed away when Kevin was 13 yrs old. Anyway, I hope to get more pictures of the rest of his family shortly that I can post as well. Kevin is a spitting image of his father and his brother Jessie is the same. Will hopefully be able to post more pics later.

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