Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bit The Bullet

We have been married since August 23, 2002 and what have I FINALLY done you ask? I bit the bullet and changed my name to just Kevin's last name. Why did I do that? Basically so it would be easier for our children growing up. I was going to do it once Vlad & Ivanna came home but since that has been put on hold and I have to redo all my paperwork anyway I just went ahead and did it so when this little one is born it is all done and over with. It wasn't Kevin pushing for it either (though he sure is happy about it) I decided to do it all on my own. Kevin never understood why I didn't just do it before. I honestly just didn't feel like waiting down at the Social Security office and then the DMV in Austin. The waits at both places are HOURS long. However, yesterday I learned from people at work that I could go to the SS office and DMV in San Marcos and the lines are a lot shorter. I went to the SS office first and waited about an hour (not bad considering Austin wait is more like 4-6 hours) and then went to the DMV where I was the NEXT person in line. So was in and out of DMV in 15 minutes!! WOW! So, I waited 6.5 years dreading an all day event when I could have just gone to San Marcos and have it all done in 1 hour and 15 minutes!! So, if even of you live in the Austin or surrounding areas- San Marcos is TONS better and faster than Austin. However, now I have to get my name at work changed and my health insurance card changed ( I guess work will send that through) Also, today is a very happy day for my friend Kristy and her husband, Rick and their now TWO children John Paul and now DASHA!! They had court today and now are just waiting for their 10 day wait to be over and they will bring sweet, long awaited Dasha HOME!! You can follow their blog at

Have a GREAT day!!

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