Friday, March 13, 2009

23 Incredible Weeks

Wow, today I am 23 weeks pregnant! Time is just flying by :o) My little bug is growing more every day and is strong enough so that I feel him all day long and he still amazes us every night before bed. A friend of mine had a little boy in December and I went to visit her at her house Tuesday night and was just sitting there holding her little boy. He is absolutely adorable and very active. He smiles all the time and gets fussy very little. The cutest thing is that he has a bouncer that has a little mirror above it and he looks at it constantly, she says that he thinks he has found a friend. He just looks at it and smiles, such a happy little boy. While I was holding him I was wondering what my little bug will look like at 3 months? The miracle of life is absolutely amazing. Such an adventure! So, today my bug and I celebrate 23 weeks of being together. I hope you have a wonderful day!
(The top picture is one that Kevin took of me this evening)

Christy & Bug

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