Sunday, March 22, 2009

Faith Walk

My mom sent this to me, thought I would put it here for all to see.

Author: Woodrow Kroll, Tony Beckett
Source: FaithWalk
Scripture Reference: Mark 15:26-47 Deuteronomy 32-34
They Spoke Better Than They KnewDeuteronomy 32-34, Mark 15:26-47
Key Verses: Mark 15:31-32 It's an odd thing that we can say one thing and mean another. Sometimes people speak better than they know. In their mockery, the religious leaders spoke better than they knew when they challenged Jesus to save Himself from the cross (vv. 31-32). They said the right thing. If Jesus were to fulfill His messianic mission, He could not save Himself. His death was necessary for man's redemption. But their words carried the wrong meaning. In their minds, Jesus was powerless to save. They knew He had healed others, but now since He was staying on the cross, they said that He could not save Himself. These were the right words, but with the wrong meaning. Jesus is not powerless to save, nor is He unwilling. The nails did not hold Him fast to the cross. It was love-a love as hard as nails. Had He saved Himself from death, He could not have saved others from something more deadly than storms or illnesses. By His suffering, death and resurrection, Jesus taught us to "take up" the cross, not to come down from one. Many people say the right words about Jesus but do not grasp the real meaning. Do you? Do you truly understand that Jesus had to stay on the cross? If you have never received Jesus as your Savior, pray to do so now. If you have, thank Him for staying on that cross until His work on our behalf was finished.

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