Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Stuff

Last night my sister in law called me and said "you know who wants to talk to you" So, she puts my niece Julia on the phone. The first words out of Julia's mouth is this "has the baby come out yet?" To which I replied, "not yet, remember he comes out in 4 more months" She repeats this information 3 times to her mom and brother. Then, because I know she, being 3 does not really have concept of time I tell her "you have to be 4 yrs old before Cody comes" she then turns and repeats this to her mom and brother. "I have to be 4 yrs old before Cody comes out, then after I turn 4 yrs old, it will be 2 more months before he comes out" From there we just talked about anything and everything and before we got off the phone she made sure that I remembered that when he is born that she gets to hold him and help change him. So, she hands the phone to my sister in law (after advising me one more time that she gets to hold and help change him when he is born) My sister in law then tells me that Julia has been putting a baby doll under her shirt and saying "mommy, look, I have a baby in my belly" to which my sister in law replies "you do sissy?" then Julia answers "yes, mommy... look mommy the baby came out" then my sister in law says "he did, is the baby a boy or girl?" Then Julia answers "he is a boy mommy and his name is Cody" LOL... That kid is something else!! She is so excited about her little cousin! I have to wonder if I will be able to hold Cody at all in the hospital when she is around :o) I am very happy that she is so excited because up to this point it has just been her and her brother and of course, she is the baby. Then tonight I went by my mom's house to pick up my heparin (my step dad picked it up for me because it wasn't ready this morning and I couldn't get to the pharmacy before they closed) She wanted to feel Cody- at first he was asleep but he woke up pretty quickly and gave his Me Maw quite a few kicks to let her know he was there! He is so funny, that was the first time that she has ever felt him move- other times I have gone by her house he is asleep and doesn't feel like putting on a show :o)

Our little bug sure is loved by his family!!


  1. That is just precious :) Just an idea for you - when we had Abbey, the nurses made little wrist bands for Makayla that said "Abbey's big sister" Makayla was so stinkin proud of that wristband just like mine and Abbey's - maybe they can make one for your niece that says "Cody's cute cousin!" - it would be a really cute keepsake to put in Cody's babybook :)
    Glad to hear everything is going good and BTW, you look AWESOME!!

  2. Aww! That is just TOO cute! I really love this age in children! Adorable!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila