Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just To Clarify

Someone I know and respect greatly sent me a private email letting me know they had some concerns. The concern was that I refer to Cody as "perfect". She is concerned that since I refused all genetic testing that I may be somehow disappointed if Cody was not born a "typical" child. I want to say that I know she just worries about me and doesn't want me to be hurt again. So, please do not think badly of her I am only putting this on here in case someone else comes across this blog and thinks the same thing. I have refused all prenatal testing and I will continue to do so. There is nothing that will make me feel any differently towards my child regardless of a "diagnosis" If Cody is born with Down Syndrome, CP, Spina bifida or whatever it will NOT change my love for my child. I say Cody is perfect because in my eyes any child that is given by God is perfect. If Cody is born with a diagnosis then I will continue to think he is perfect. He is perfect in God's eyes so why would he not be in mine? I just feel blessed that God has blessed me with Cody and trusts in my care of him. So what if he has a diagnosis? If Cody is born with a diagnosis then I will still be crying tears of happiness & joy that he is ALIVE and that I am the lucky one to be his mother. There is NOTHING that he can be born with or without that would make me love and cherish him any less. So, I will continue to refer to him as my perfect angel. I know that there are people who, when their child is born with an unexpected diagnosis may not feel this way. That is okay, they either learn to love the child with the diagnosis or they do not. If they do not, or just feel unprepared to parent their child with whatever diagnosis then they make an adoption plan and that child will be adopted by a wonderful family that sees the child and not the diagnosis. I have a cousin with Spina Bifida and she is perfect in my eyes. Kevin has a cousin with Down Syndrome and he is perfect in my eyes as well. We are still going to adopt a child with Down Syndrome and they will also be perfect in my eyes. ANY child or animal that God puts on this earth is here for a reason and they were made by God. God does not make mistakes! So, I hope this clarifies things for anyone who was worried about me saying Cody is Perfect. Speaking of Perfect children and families who are adopting them, please go to my post below about the fundraiser to help bring home a child with special needs. You can order handmade baby bibs, scarfs, washcloths & headbands to help out a great family. Also, on the top right there is a button for 2 children that another family is adopting and they always have fundraisers and have a really great one right now for an ergo carrier.

Christy with her perfect little bug Cody


  1. Well said. I have two babes with DS and I think they are just as perfect as their typical brother. ;)

  2. Amen!! All my children are perfect in my eyes, and most certainly, God's!

  3. This was beautifully written Christy.
    I am so happy everything is going well for you and your little bug.:)