Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr Appointment Today

Had a OB appt this morning. Nothing big, just a checkup. Cody's heartbeat is great, cervix is still closed & my uterus is measuring a little ahead of schedule but Cody has been measuring ahead the whole time, so per my ob that is to be expected. I have gained 1 more pound, so I am up 2 pounds from my 1st OB appt in December. Cody was very active at the appointment. He wanted to be sure the Dr knew he was in there :o) I am so in love with this little boy!! Hard to believe I am almost 6 months pregnant (will be on Friday) Kevin is so sweet he always rubs my belly and talks to Cody and then kisses him good night and good bye in the morning. Kevin is going to be such a great dad :o)


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