Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How is the baby coming out?

This was the question that was asked by my 7 year old nephew the other day. Of course my niece Julia was there as well and wanted to know how Cody was coming out. Robert (my nephew) wanted to know if he was coming out of my belly button. My mom started laughing and said "yeah Aunt Christy, tell them how the baby is coming out" So, I completely side stepped that question and started talking about why the belly button is there and what it's function is. I got them looking at their belly buttons and then Robert asked me if it was black because his mom and and dad kept his and it is black. I told him that it turned black as it fell off but that before then it was what carried blood, oxygen & food to him when he was in his mommy's belly. So, I am hoping that he never remembers to ask me that question again. I think my sil told them that is how the baby comes out because when Julia was born, Robert was 3 1/2 yrs old and was very interested in how his sister came into the world. Anyway, one question avoided- dreading to hear the next....


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