Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adoption Fundraiser

There is a lovely family that has adopted numerous children (some with special needs) They are once again adopting and their daughter Julia is making bibs, washcloths,scarfs & headbands to sell in order to help fund her part of the trip. I have ordered 2 bibs and 3 washcloths so far and hope to order more. The bibs, washcloths and scarfs can be made in whichever color(s) you prefer. You can order by sending an email to Bibs are $8.00 each, Washcloths are $6.00 each,Headbands are $5.00 each and Scarfs are $15.00 each. Below are some that she has made. You can specify which color or colors you would like your item to be. I am adding 2 scarfs and a few headbands to my order.

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