Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Registry & More

Yesterday I went and registered at Walmart and Target. Wasn't really planning on it, but my mom's co-workers and my family and friends are always asking what we need and I just do not know what to tell them. I have friends that have kept telling me to go and do it as well but with the economy the way it is I feel kind of bad about "asking" for things for Cody. So, I picked lots of inexpensive things that we definitely need and some not so inexpensive things that he will need as well. I didn't put anything on the list that Kevin and I will not purchase if it isn't purchased for my baby shower. I have family out of state who will just shop online and have it sent to me. I would love to see them, but airfare is so expensive that they cannot afford to come in for the baby shower. My mom is going to organize it and I have to make a list of people to invite. Easier said than done. I have to think of the wording for the invitation and put where we are registered but want the people we invite not to think that they have to buy anything. That is not what my get together is going to be about. Of course any gift for my child that he needs will be greatly appreciated but not expected. So, any ideas on wording? I also have to admit that I didn't realize just how much that I still need for him. *WOW* We are going to be using "fuzzi bunz" cloth diapers but will not use them until he is about 3 months old. So, I did put some newborn disposables on the registry. Diapers sure have gone up since I last purchased them. Anyway, while we were out yesterday (me, Kevin & my mom) My mom saw the bibs above and just had to buy them for Cody. Aren't they cute?! The horse is the one that my mom ordered for Cody that was a surprise that I didn't know was coming. It is a huge stuffed "riding" horse that he will be able to get on and "ride" when he is able. It is so cute, soft and sturdy. Kevin is always telling Cody about the big horse his Me Maw bought for him. Cody has been very active lately and last night I felt my uterus stretching and looked down and one side of my abdomen was up about 3 inches higher than anywhere else and it was perfectly round. I think it was his little head. I rubbed his little head and was talking to him at the same time. He stayed like that for about 3 minutes then moved and started kicking. It was nice that he sat there that long letting mommy rub his little head. It brought tears to my eyes. I love him so much and June/July cannot come fast enough. I love being pregnant but want to hold him in my arms so bad. I know that any mother has those feelings/thoughts but it is hard to explain that he is my heart and after all my losses and then never believing we would get another chance that he will be here in a few short months. I am so in love with him and I know that he is a true gift from God. Anyway, hope you are having a good day and be sure to check out the fundraisers going on for 2 families in the process of adopting. One is on the top right of my blog and the other is down below a few posts ago for handmade bibs, scarfs, headbands & washcloths. These are being made by a teenage girl who is helping to bring her newest sibling home.


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  1. The bibs are ADORABLE and I LOVE that horse! Oh and Cody letting you rub his head ... how wonderful! Cody is a blessing indeed!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila