Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Of Cody's Things

Here is a picture of some of Cody's things. The sign on his bedroom door, His name on the wall and his bassinet. His room is not finished yet of course. We have been using his room as the storage room so we have been busy going through everything and keeping what we want/need. Then boxing it and putting it in the play room walk in closet which is our new storage area. I need a bookcase desperately as I have thousands of books that I need to unbox and put on a shelf. We put Cody's bassinet up and it has a lot of my books around it right now. We haven't put a bassinet sheet on it yet or anything. He will spend the first year of his life in our bedroom. He will be in the bassinet in our room until he is too big for it,then I will move his crib into our room until he is at least a year old. Once he is a year old, we will move him into his room. I am hoping it will be a smooth transition for him. Once I get his room finished I will add more pictures. I will also add pictures of the play room as soon as Kevin gets all of his junk out of it. Yes, Cody's room is in Care Bears as his mommy loves them,lol.


  1. This little one does not even know how much he is loved and cherished. I pray daily for his health, birth, and future, I know he will have loving parents that will feed him daily the word of God.

    God bless you three........... I love you.