Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adoption & Other Stuff

I want to mention (because I have not in a long time) Kevin and I still plan on adopting at least one child with Down Syndrome. We still want to adopt 2, but we have to wait and see how much I am able to handle with a little one at home and at that point I will know what I can handle on my own since Kevin will be working and it will be me caring for the children 90% of the time. My dear friend Kristy recently brought her 2nd child home (both have DS) and she is doing very well. However, I know she is very busy with them and doesn't have time for much else these days. She is a wonderful mother to them and loves them to pieces and it is because she is such a good mom that she doesn't have time for much else these days. I want to be the kind of mom she is. Her focus is on her children and their needs. In order to do that I need to not overwhelm myself. So, we will at least adopt one child with Down Syndrome (hoping for two). Just because the Lord has blessed us with our little Bug does not mean that we have forgotten about the needs of thousands of children with Special Needs. The Lord himself put Down Syndrome in my heart and there is a reason for it. With that being said, there are many families right now that are in the process of bringing home their own little Angels. Some have Down Syndrome, some have other special needs. In our crazy economy it is hard for a lot of them to finish coming up with the rest of their much needed funds to complete their adoptions. I know that all of us in one way or another are being affected by the economy as well. I ask that you keep the families in your prayers. There are many families who are doing fundraisers with lots of great give aways. I have already added one family to the sidebar. That is the Jones family. They are adopting 2 children, one has Down Syndrome and the other has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) The Jones family has many wonderful give aways on their blog (you can get there by clicking on the kids pictures in top right hand corner) I myself cannot wait to enter for the Ergo carrier, I think that would benefit me greatly with my little bug on the way. They have many other prizes as well, so check on them every so often as you never know what you may need that they are giving away!!

(If you are a family that is in the middle of an adoption or know someone who is and you leave me your blog address in the comments or send an email to me at I will mention your blog and what you are trying to accomplish in my blog posts to help in any way that I am able. You can send an email to me with specific details if you would like)

I have a Doctor appointment on Monday with my regular OB to check on my cervix and see how bug is doing. So, keep us in your prayers as well.


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