Friday, February 20, 2009

20 Weeks Today!!

My little bug is 20 weeks today!! We are at the half way mark. Hard to believe we are already at 20 wks. Doesn't seem like it has been that long. Little bug is moving around regularly and we love to watch his kicks and movements. He loves to go to one side or the other and "ball" up. He doesn't seem to like the fact that his space is shrinking either. He loves to stretch out and sometimes that involves head or foot in my pelvis and the other in my back. I think this is his favorite "stretch out" spot because he gets there a lot. I will be very happy in June/July when we meet for the first time. He has so much love waiting for him from everyone in the family. My mom has already started buying him toys. I went to the post office Wednesday and there was a huge box waiting for me. I opened the box and it was a stuffed horse that a toddler rides on. I started laughing and so did Kevin. Kevin told the baby all about his horse that his Me maw bought him. My niece Julia keeps asking me if the baby is out yet, I tell her no and she wants to know why. Try explaining to a 3 yr old why the baby is not "out" yet. I tell her that the baby is not big enough, not strong enough, etc... She still wants to know "why" to all of these questions. Then she always asks how many babies there are in my belly. I tell her one and she wants to know why. She is in the "why" stage and has been for quite a while. She tells me that she is going to help change the baby and hold the baby in the hospital when he is born. Somehow I do not think she will help with diaper duty when she realizes what exactly is in the diaper, lol. I know she will hold the baby though. She is absolutely in love with her little cousin, she always runs to me and kisses the baby when she sees me and feels the baby in my belly. She will be a good cousin to him. Robert (my nephew) just wants to know why I am not having a girl and a boy. I tell him that God only decided to give us a boy for right now and that most of the time there is only one baby and not 2 or more. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!!

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