Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Day

Today has been an interesting day. It started with me giving myself a shot of heparin this morning and hitting a vein. I have done this before on numerous occasions, however this vein was very stubborn and would not stop bleeding. So, after keeping it wrapped with shirt after shirt and the bleeding continuing, I called my mom who advised me to lay down and keep my leg way up above my head. Did that by laying on the couch with my leg up on the back of the couch. Bleeding stopped after a few minutes. So, started a load of whites to wash my shirts (used white ones because I always bleach whites and I knew they would be the most sanitary) Also wasn't feeling so hot so I did not make it to church today. My back is absolutely killing me today, I think it is because baby bug keeps putting his little feet there and pushing with all of his might. This baby is his daddy made all over. He is stubborn, mule headed, hard headed and any other description that describes someone who beats his own drum and authority does not matter to him AT ALL. I roll back and forth on the bed to try and dislodge little man and sometimes I am successful HOWEVER he gets right back in the same position within 5 minutes or less and continues his assault of my spine. I read that as of right now his eyes are not even open yet so he cannot "see" to get in his favorite position, just knows where it is I guess. I love feeling him move and love to see and feel his movements and kicks. Just wish he would kick/push towards the front and not the back. I am hoping that he finds a new favorite spot when he is gets bigger or I am in serious trouble, lol. My mom came over yesterday and cleaned my house for me. I know I probably sound the most lazy person in the world, however I am not supposed to do much of anything due to being such high risk. I still cook, clean what I can and do laundry but I cannot do things that cause strain or lots of bending/squatting or lifting. I did not ask my mom to come clean though. She just called me on Friday and said she was coming out Saturday morning to clean the house. I have to be honest when I say that having my house clean takes a lot of stress off of me. I HATE my house being dirty and it is hard to look at it and leave it alone. Poor Kevin works 7 days a week, so once he comes home I don't ask him to do anything because he is working his butt off. I am very blessed to have such a great husband. He loves ME, his love isn't dependent on what I can do for him, it isn't dependent on my looks or anything crazy like that. I was a LOT bigger when we got together than I am now. I am also blessed with a great, supportive family. I have a great church family and great friends so I have it made. Anyway, I have to go dinner is ready to come out of the oven. Have a great day!!!

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