Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day & Baby

Last night we went out to dinner (more than an hour away) and ran out of gas on the way back (in the middle of nowhere) We both left our cell phones at home, so did not have a way of calling anyone. (we ran out of gas because the blazer said we had a half tank and it literally did not show the low fuel light until the blazer chugged and died) Anyway, a very nice lady stopped and we used her cell phone and long story short my step dad came and brought us gas, we then went straight to a gas station and filled up (now I know to watch the miles in the blazer until we get the sending unit replaced) So, thank you Mike for coming to our rescue!! So, we came home, let our dogs out and brought everyone in and fed them and went to bed. Kevin loves to "find the baby" and kept pushing on my stomach where he would feel the hardness of the uterus- so the baby moved it's little self and Kevin kept it up (btw, the baby was up all day yesterday pushing into my cervical area and my back, it was very painful and I was glad the baby had decided to sleep) So, the baby moves and next thing I feel is the hardest KICK the baby has ever done, it was so hard that Kevin's hand was displaced from my stomach. He looked absolutely shocked and asked "did you feel that?" of course I felt it, lol. I told Kevin to leave the baby alone he/she was finally going to sleep and wanted to be left alone. So, though running out of gas was not fun AT ALL, feeling that strong kick was more than worth the rest of the hassle. We sure do love our little bug!!!

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