Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have never been one to really enjoy a lot of sweets. Well.... that has changed recently. I think I consume 1000 calories of chocolate a day. I know it is not good for me or little bug. I also do not know why I am on this kick. I have NEVER liked sweets all that much. So, in the morning I eat a breakfast taco & piece of fruit or oatmeal and fruit. For a snack I usually have a banana, apple or grapes and some cheezits. Then for lunch I eat soup or sandwich and more fruit. Then I start on the sweets... They do not stop until I go to bed. My ob nurse told me to start drinking ensure to gain some weight- I think the sweets are going to blow me up like a darn balloon, so I do not think I am going to add ensure to my diet. The baby is perfectly healthy, he is a little ahead of schedule in his growth & weight. Well..... Mom has lost 5 lbs. I have another appt on Monday and I think that by then the 5lbs will have returned. I have got to start eating better in the evening and leave the sweets alone. (almond joy & peanut m&m's are my weaknesses) Bug is moving around a lot and still likes to put his little feet in my back. Funny that I am happy about that- tells me he is strong and alive. I hope I have another ultrasound on Monday to see my little guy.

I sure do love my little bug


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