Friday, February 13, 2009

***19 Beautiful Weeks***

My little miracle is 19 wks today!! Anyone that does not really "know" me may not know just how much this baby means to me. It amazes me when I meet someone who is pregnant or has children and they only want to complain about their kids or being pregnant. There is something inside me that wants to scream "do you not know just how lucky you are?" "you have beautiful children that are alive and doing well" However, I know everything happens for a reason and God must have seen a reason in giving them the luxury of having their children. Oh well, enough about those "faceless"people. I am just happy that I am pregnant and am very excited about my little one being born in June/July. So, today I celebrate my "19wk" anniversary with my little baby bug.
Happy 19 weeks little one, we love you very much!!

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