Monday, February 16, 2009

The baby is a......


Baby's feet (see those sweet little toes)
Side profile

Baby facing u/s wand (looks really funny)

Another side view showing the umbilical cord as well
I went to my regular OB appt today and was referred to my high risk OB to double check my cervix. My regular OB thought that my cervix felt a little thin and possibly dilated 1 cm. So, with my heart racing (after it fell to my feet) My regular OB called my high risk Ob's office to get me in asap. I went straight from regular Ob's ofc to my high risk Ob's office. My high risk ob was not available but his partner was. I called Kevin and my mom to let them know what was going on (this was a regular appt and didn't have anyone with me) Of course everyone was worried. So, I get to my high risk ob's office and finally get to the back and the nurse does the first u/s to check on the baby himself. Baby looks great!! All 4 chambers of the heart looked great, lip looked great (no cleft palate that they can see) kidneys, lungs, spine, brain and stomach all look good. Baby is still growing a couple of days ahead of schedule. Heart beat is great and baby is very active. I found out the sex pretty quickly as the baby was not shy at all. Baby weighs about 12 ounces and is growing on target. I saw all of his fingers and toes and the umbilical cord looked great as did the placenta. So, then the Dr comes in and looks at the baby again and tells me baby looks great, then comes the stress builder/reliever. He used the trans vaginal u/s (for quite a while) and confirmed what regular ob told me that I have 3 cysts on my cervix then told me that the cervix is long and closed and looks good. Then came the dreaded physical inspection and he said he felt the cysts but that cervix appeared to be closed tight. So, I thanked God that the baby was okay and then called Kevin and my mom to let them know (my mom was on her way but didn't get there in time for the ultrasound) So, baby is a boy!!!!


  1. Congrat's on your little boy!!! I hope everything goes well until he is full term. You look so happy being PREGNANT in the picture. Enjoy and rest.
    Hugs to you~Jody

  2. Kristy,
    Cong on your baby boy.Now the fun part thinking of his name, buying blue and just enjoy knowing that both of you are safe and healthy.

    p.s. if you dont remember me I am the lady you bought the goat summer sausage and sweet sauce from.
    carol n

  3. Yay ... congratulations! It is so amazing that you have made it this far! So awesome!

  4. I guess you were right! lol! Congratulations!!!
    I'm so glad to hear that everything went ok at the high risk dr. appointment!

    You look cute pregnant. :) Funny about no bra! lol!!