Saturday, February 7, 2009

Many Things

Maggie as a puppy Me and Kevin getting married

Kevin at our reception with our nephew Bryce
Just a few more pictures to put up. The first is Maggie when she was a baby (she was about this age when she decided that the foot board on our bed was a big chew toy) Then me and Kevin on our wedding day (man my hands sure hurt due to his squeezing them so hard) Then at our reception, Kevin holding our nephew Bryce who turned 7 months old that day.

Not too much going on now. Three sisters and 3 elders came out today to help around the house. The Elders worked outside while the sisters helped out inside. They cleaned the bathrooms, window sills, ceiling fan and shampooed the carpet. Today was a wonderful day for me. (maybe not so much for them, lol) I am very grateful for the help, though it is hard to accept. I do not like my house to get dirty, but there are just some things I cannot do now so I definitely needed the help and I am very blessed that they offered and put it all together. So, please keep them in your prayers as they are truly an example of what we should all be. Tomorrow another sister from the church is going to come and pick me up and take me to church. My car is acting up and needs to be fixed before driving it anywhere. Guess that is it for the day, have a blessed day!!

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