Friday, February 27, 2009

21 Absolutely Fantastic Weeks

Today my little bug is 21 weeks old. That means that for the last 21 weeks he has been very busy growing and learning more about his fingers, toes and mouth. He has learned to swallow and now tastes the amniotic fluid *yuck* During the last ultrasound when I found out that he was a "boy bug" he kept opening and closing his mouth. The nurse doing the U/S was laughing saying that he had a lot to say. If he is anything like his father, he will have tons to say when he is able, lol. He is a very active little boy and lets his mommy know he is there by kicking and moving quite often. I have to admit yesterday I was a little nervous because he was not as active as he usually is. However, he made for that last night when he was back in action. He still likes to ball up on one side but now the "ball" is a lot bigger and takes up more than just one side when he does it. Kevin talks to the baby every day and loves to feel him move and kick. He kicks even harder when daddy is talking to him and putting his hand on my stomach. I hope that they always have a wonderful relationship. Kevin's father passed away when he was 13 yrs old and he and Kevin were very close. Kevin wants to have a great relationship with his children as well. I believe Kevin will be a wonderful daddy. He is completely and totally in love with his son. He calls me several times during the day to ask how me and the baby are doing, he wants to hear about every kick and movement the baby makes. He then repeats all of this to the people he works with. By the time the baby comes they will probably be tired of hearing about it. However, I do have to say that anytime they see me they ask about the baby as well. The last couple of days I have not had any chocolate/sweets at all. Trying to get away from them and substitute bananas, grapes, oranges & apples instead. So far it is working :o) So, today I am celebrating 21 weeks that my little bug has been alive.

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