Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost 19 weeks!!

Well, tomorrow I will be 19 weeks pregnant!! Each day is such a miracle for us, our baby is growing a little ahead of schedule and that is a GREAT thing. I go to my regular OB on Monday 2/16 for a regular checkup and then next Friday 2/20 I have my anatomy scan & will be able to see my little bug again!! (also find out if my little bug is a "he" bug or a "she" bug, lol) More great news is that my blazer is running again!! The best part?? We did not have to replace the fuel pump!! So, we replaced all 3 O2 sensors and the fuel filter and the blazer is back on the road. So, instead of around $500.00 to fix, it was under $200.00!!!! That is a lot of prayer for you! So, my baby is growing wonderfully (have only felt him/her move 2 times and kicked me last Saturday 3 times right in a row in the same spot) Our bills are paid, we are fed, our pets are fed, our cars are both running and GOD IS GOOD!!! I am so very happy that all the above are all true statements. I still have to pay back my mom for the parts, but will do that soon. I am very blessed to have her as my mother because without her I do not know what I would do. She has been there through all of my pregnancy losses, the depression that went along with them, a shoulder to cry on and my own personal loan officer, lol. (do not think she will like that last statement) I do always pay her the money back that I borrow, but it is nice to know that if I am in a pickle that she will be there to help. So, all is good in our life and I hope all is good in yours. There are many blessings in the world. Sometimes it is hard for us to see how lucky and blessed we are on a day to day basis. I hope you will find the many ways in which you are blessed today as well.

& Little Bug Due 7/10/09

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