Sunday, February 8, 2009

More, More and More

First of all wonderful news. Kristy and her little girl are now home!! Thank you for your prayers for a safe uneventful trip for them- the prayers worked! Mom and Dasha are doing great and are HOME. After almost a year since we first saw Baby D, she is now home with her wonderful family!!! Though it is always a happy time when an orphan finds their forever family, it is even more special when you have been there and held that child in your arms. Mandy adopted Sweet Alex and has had him home for several months now. (her blog address is Lisa has brought home Victoria (now Katie), Lisa's blog is private- so will not give out her link. Soon, I am hoping that all the rest come home!! Though my heart breaks that Vlad & Ivanna will not be coming home to us, they will be coming home and that is a miracle! Also, Jody recently got back with her little girl who also has DS ( Joy has brought home one little boy (this time last year) named Caleb with Down Syndrome and is now in the process of bringing home another little boy as well. (her blog address There are many more but I cannot remember their blog addresses right off the top of my head. There are many people who are still trying to raise money to bring their little ones home as well, if any of you are reading and would like me to link to your blog- please leave a comment and I will do so. God works in mysterious ways and has made Kevin and I wait a number of years for a baby. We truly did not believe we would ever have a biological child due to my past pregnancy history and well, to be honest- it just wasn't happening. So, imagine our delighted (yet scared) surprise when it happened after we had given up that it would ever happen. When you have had a hard time getting pregnant, the first positive pregnancy test induces a "yeah right" response. I had to take 4 of them and then have it confirmed with a hcg test at the Dr's office before I believed it. If you want the honest to God truth, I didn't believe it until I saw my little bug at the first ultrasound- that was a scary day for me because here we all were (me, Kevin, My sister, my niece) waiting to see a baby on the screen, I was scared there would not be one and if there was it would not have a beating heart. So, yes, I cried like a baby when I saw our little bug there and cried even harder when we heard the heartbeat- they actually had to turn off the doppler because I was crying so hard that my stomach was shaking the doppler and making a horrible noise. My sister was crying just as hard and even tough man Kevin had tears running down his face (while squeezing my hand so hard that my hand was getting numb) My niece was the most sensible of us all, and asked the nurse if that was the baby and the nurse was telling her what parts were what- she was so very happy to see the baby on the screen. That was a very happy day for me. I was put on my heparin and baby aspirin therapy and so far, so good. I am now 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I felt my little bug kick 3 times last night (all in the same spot) I had my legs crossed and my leg pushed my stomach in some and I felt something "thump" me, so I sat very still and it happened again and then again just a few seconds later. I guess my little one was saying "okay mom, you are really invading my space here, wanna move that leg?" So, now I have felt my little one move 2 times and kick 3 times. I will be very happy when I feel him/her move and kick more often. Everyone always says "you won't want that once the baby is big enough to hurt" Well, what they do not know is that the "pain" will be welcome for me because it tells me that my baby is ALIVE. I have been very naughty in not attending church recently because I am not really supposed to drive right now due to dizzy spells and Kevin has been working 7 days a week so I haven't had a way there (my church is 45 minutes away) I live in the middle of nowhere and my closest church members do not go to church regularly and I do not want to ask them to take me and make them feel like they "have" to go just because of me. However, others at the church feel that would be a good thing because it would force them to go as well, lol. However, Sister Kramer came today and picked me up for church and then brought me home- I am about 20 minutes out of her way so I really appreciate her going out of her way to get me to church. I am LDS, so our church service is 3 hours long (sacrament meeting 1 hour, bible study 1 hour & relief society meeting (women only) 1 hour) Men attend a different meeting in the last hour. Have to admit I was exhausted by the time I got home and had to take a nice, long nap. My blazer is broke right now, I believe it needs a fuel pump and the O2 sensors replaced. I almost didn't make it home Friday evening. Kevin is having it towed to work tomorrow where he will diagnose it before we buy the parts. Price for a fuel pump? $359.38 Price for 2 02 sensors? $114.72. Those figures include tax.... So, I will be borrowing the money from my mom to pay for these parts because we just paid our mortgage and phone/tv bill as well. Let me also throw in there that my mom also paid for my heparin and syringes today as well so I owe her another $80.00. Yes, I am very thankful to my mom because without her I would not be able to get my car fixed and would not have had enough to cover my heparin and syringes. This is what happens when you go from 2 incomes to one for so long and still have high medical bills/co pays/deductibles to pay. However, now that Kevin is working 7 days a week we will (should) be caught up by the end of this month. Well, I should say that we hope to be caught up because if one of our vehicles break again we will be back in the hole. Both of our cars are now paid off (very thankful for that) However, along with paid off, means no warranty and since they are both out of warranty it seems that they love to break down. However, I need to count my blessings because Kevin can fix them so that means we do not have to pay labor for anyone else to do the work. So, we are praying that our vehicles will hold up and not need any more work for quite a while so that we may pay my mom back and be caught up on everything by the 1st or 2nd week of March at the latest. Also, our house Air conditioner is out again as well (yes, that is after paying the last guy $450.00 to fix it) We learned really quick that his warranty is basically as long as you see his tail lights in your driveway. His definition of his warranty/work is 30 days.... Our air conditioner started freezing up again after about 45 days. So, when I called another air conditioner place- they told me he must not have found the true problem... Hmmm, that is what I was thinking. I live in Texas and it will start to get really HOT around April- so I will have to have it fixed by then- that will be another $500.00 plus dollars- but this time I am going to find a reputable well known company that will at least give us a one year warranty. No more local country boy ac company work for us. Anyway, I guess I have rambled long enough tonight. Please continue to pray for orphans both human and animal, that they will be well cared for and all find wonderful, forever homes like all the kids I mentioned above. Also, please (though I know is pretty self centered) keep Kevin and I in your prayers that we can get our finances under control and get caught up soon.


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