Friday, May 8, 2009

~31 Fabulous Weeks Today~

Today marks 31 weeks that I have been pregnant with my perfect little bug. My little bug is getting cramped up though and letting mommy feel it. He is attempting to escape by kicking my cervix out of my body. How does he do that you ask? Well, first he puts on his big steel toed stomping boots, then he aims just right and what comes next?? "stomp, stomp, stomp, push, push, push" Then he gets a little tired, takes a 2-3 minute break and repeats the above. How does this make mommy feel? Well, like someone is grabbing my cervix with a pair of pliers and twisting and pulling it out of my body. I do not dare try to move him because IF I am able to dislodge him, he gets right back in place and does it even harder. The boy definitely has his daddy's attitude & stubbornness,lol. He loves when I sing to him and gets very active when I do. Well, I do not know if he is enjoying my singing or if he is trying to get away from it, but he does get active :O) Kevin and I sing twinkle, twinkle, little star, the alphabet song and "Cody had a little pug" derived from Mary had a little lamb. Sometimes I just make songs up that usually repeat the same things like "mommy loves her little bug very much and always will" "mommy loves her little bug Cody very much and cannot wait to hold his beautiful self in her arms" "mommy loves her baby bug and cannot wait to see his handsome little face for the first time" stuff like that. He always gets active when I sing to him. I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!! My ob put me on blood pressure medication as well because when I went to see him this morning for an emergency visit (scar tissue tearing) my blood pressure was 138/100. So, I am now on blood pressure rx to try and keep my blood pressure down. Since my tentative induce date is July 3rd, I only have 8 weeks left as of today *yay* Time is going really quickly, but I am getting more and more excited about seeing and holding my little bug and cannot wait for that day. I wanted to have a 3d/4d ultrasound, but it is $100.00 plus taxes and I can use that money to put towards other things that need to be done before bug is born. I have had people ask where I am registered. I registered at Walmart & Target. I am under "Christy Faglie" I have not responded to the emails about my registry yet, so I hope that those of you who asked read this blog message. Anyway, Happy 31 Weeks Bug, Mommy & Daddy love you very much!!

This picture was taken in my front yard. Wondering why some is mowed and some is not? That is because our riding lawn mower is broken and has to be repaired. So, in the mean time Kevin is push mowing our front yard. (our front yard is 2.25 acres,lol)

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