Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates & More

Friday was my niece Julia's 4th birthday. Her mom and dad had her birthday party yesterday and we had a lot of fun. However, I did something that I regret doing now. I have just been so exhausted and tired in the last week or so and therefore a bit grumpy. I snapped and said some things to a 12 yr old neighbor girl yesterday that I should not have said. I was NOT nice at all. I guess I forgot what it was like to be 12 yrs old and trying to be "cool" in front of friends. I acted like a 12 yr old myself yesterday instead of the almost 32 yrs that I am. The girl is a neighbor of my brother and sister in law's and when her family first moved in, she was a very sweet girl to my nephew (who is now 7) and they were friends, but of course she has gotten older and to hang out with a 7 yr old is not "cool" at all. So, while we were all in my brother and sil's back yard playing and having a good time, her and her little friends were jumping on her trampoline next door and my nephew wanted to see what they were doing so he looked thru the privacy fence at them (the neighbor's trampoline is right by the fence)the girl yelled at him to quit looking at them. So, I called him back from the fence and he came. However, he went back again and looked thru the fence again and they threw something at the fence towards him. My sil said something to her and I thought it was done and over with. Well, my sister, my niece and I were sitting in the back yard and my niece was playing and one of the girl's threw something at the fence again and my niece went over by the fence to see what it was (she is 4) and I saw the girl look over to see if any of us were outside and she saw me and my sister so she leans down talking to my niece (talking softly) however, I heard her tell my 4 yr old niece that she was "ugly" and "stupid" So, I acted like a complete fool and said some really crazy things to this 12 yr old girl, that I do not care to repeat. The girl apologized and I asked her if she understood what I was telling her and she said "yes Ma'am" well, then my sil comes out of the house because she heard me screaming at the girl. We went next door (which I should have done in the first place) and told her father, he immediately rectified the situation by sending her friends home and making her go inside. I heard her crying and now feel horrible. I am usually able to control myself and haven't jumped stupid like that in a long time, so I feel horrible and have felt horrible since I calmed down and thought about what I did. I mean what kind of example did I set for my niece? I love that little girl so much and am very protective of her and I just was not going to let anyone tell her that she is "ugly" and "stupid" which she is neither. Though there really isn't an excuse for my behavior, I can just chalk if up to being tired, exhausted and in constant pain. While in church today, I asked the Lord for his forgiveness for my actions yesterday because they were NOT nice at all. Next time I go to my brother's house I will probably apologize to her for what I said. It just seems like there are not enough hours in the day lately for me to get everything done that I need to. I feel overwhelmed a lot of time here lately. Cody's room is still not done, we are still moving stuff out of his room. We bought his dresser last week and have washed and put all of his 0-3 month clothing in it and all of his socks/hats/mittens. Still have to fold and put his 3-6 month clothing and the 6-9 month clothing away. We also have a "list" of things that we want to get done before Cody is born and of the 23 things on the list only 4 are done. I am usually pretty laid back, so I do not know why I feel so overwhelmed all of a sudden? I love my son so much and just feeling him move or kick makes me smile and thank God. I know I am more than blessed to be his mom. There are so many good things in my life that I feel like a whiny brat complaining about anything. I have a wonderful husband, wonderful family, wonderful church, wonderful friends, great pets and best of all my beautiful bug. I guess everyone goes through a phase like this, not sure. This has just been a crazy week I think. I have a Dr appointment in the morning and hope that I have an ultrasound to see my bug. I would love to see how much bigger he has gotten in the last few weeks. I am so in love with this little boy and will be so happy to see his beautiful little face and be a mom. He is a dream come true, one I never thought would happen.

*1st Picture is my niece feeling her cousin*
*2nd Picture is our friend Donnie & Tiffany's little boy, Wyatt*
*3rd Picture is of Julia right before blowing out her candle*


  1. Every one gets cranky, so don't guilty. As for being overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help! Lord knows that has been the hardest thing for me to learn. Others want to help, so accept their help! -Elijah's mom