Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Computer Virus & More

My computer at home has been completely locked down by some sort of "bug" I cannot get online at all. I have a virus protector- so not real sure what happened there but I was told that I can run my recovery disc or purchase an antivirus on disc and that would solve the problem. So, I am hunting for my recovery disc and once I find it I will be able to get online again from home. If I cannot find it, I will purchase a disc but since I am trying to save all the money I can before Bug is born-I hate to spend money that I do not really need to.

Bug is doing great, he is active and wonderful and we love him very much. I think he is transverse now- but not 100% sure. When I lay on my side he pushes off of the mattress and the other side of my stomach jumps around, so I do think he is transverse now. I love this little boy so much! Kevin and I get more and more excited every day closer we are to the day we finally meet our son. We had a wonderful weekend together. Saturday once we got home from fishing (where no one caught anything) we never left the house again until this morning when we left to go to work. We finished bug's room completely. I took a lot of pictures, but of course cannot post them until my virus is gone and I can get online at home again. We now have to start cleaning his play room (where we have more things stored) We did some "spring" cleaning to the house over the weekend and that was nice because I hate when the house is dirty.

Well that is it for now, I have a Dr appt in the morning and will post more after that.



  1. I'm glad bug is doing good. I hope you get your computer fixed soon. I want to see his room.

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  3. That was from me not Rick. I didn't realize he was signed in rather than me.