Friday, May 29, 2009

*~*~34 Wonderful Weeks~*~*

I am 34 absolutely wonderful weeks today. My little bug will be here in 4 weeks!! Hard to believe that in 4 weeks I will be in the hospital being induced to have my perfect little man. He has been so active lately as well :O) This pregnancy has gone by so quickly, it is hard to believe that I will be holding him shortly. I am taking my computer to be fixed tomorrow, so hope to be able to use it again by tomorrow evening. I have many, many pictures to post. I will also have my niece and nephew this weekend as well. My nephew called me at 6am to ask me if he and Julia could come and stay with me and uncle Kevin this weekend. I of course said yes. He has a test tomorrow in the morning though for tae kwon do to get his yellow belt. He has all of his stripes and will soon have a yellow belt. I hope to make it to his test tomorrow to see him get his yellow belt. Then I will bring him and my niece home with us for the weekend. So, I will have a busy weekend and will enjoy it very much.

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