Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st Update

Wow, today is June 1st. In 25 days I will be induced with my perfect little bug. I am so excited!! I did not get around to dropping my computer off to be fixed this weekend, so hoping to drop it off in the morning or on Thursday. I sure do miss having Internet svc at home! We had a great weekend. Saturday morning Kevin and I went to see my nephew take his tae kwon do test for his yellow belt. That was fun, seeing all the kids having fun :O) Then we all went out to eat (me, Kevin, my brother, my sil, my step dad, Robert and Julia) Then Kevin, the kids and I went to my sister's house and saw her new baby potbelly pigs that she was not expecting. There are 2 of them, we had to take them from mama pig because for some reason the babies were not able to feed from her. So, I went with my sister to the feed store and picked up replacement milk for pigs and then went back to her house and me, Kevin and the kids left to go home. We took the kids to the local park that night and then just hung around the house cleaning and stuff. We did not go to church on Sunday because my nephew was acting up and Kevin didn't want to have to deal with his actions in the middle of the church service. We took the kids to the park again on Sunday and they had fun. We all had fun and I miss them already. Julia enjoyed playing with my dolls and using bug's crib and bassinet for her "baby" she liked pushing around the doll in my doll stroller and changing the baby's diaper and putting it in the diaper pail. (the baby's diaper sure did get a work out,lol) She even had Uncle Kevin helping her change her baby's diaper. Robert enjoyed being outside with Uncle Kevin planting new trees and watering the ones that were planted before. He enjoyed helping to dig holes and put black dirt in the holes and then watering the trees. He sure was a great help to Kevin. We are having my baby shower on Saturday June 6th and I think it will be a lot of fun. I hope to be able to post my newest u/s picture soon and will also post the one that I get on Wednesday 6/3 at my next appt as well. I also have a lot of other pictures that I need to post as well, but cannot do that yet.... I guess that is about it, not too much else going on besides the fact that I have severe indigestion and acid reflux is acting up... Bug is doing fantastic and is still an active little guy. When we were at the park on Sunday, I laid on the park bench while Kevin was playing with the kids (it was hot and I was not going to be running around) bug was very active and the kids and Kevin came over and Julia picked up my shirt and the kids were amazed that they saw so much movement in my belly. Bug was having a big party in there and was showing off. I just cannot wait until my little bug is born :O)

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