Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009 ~6 More Days~ 37 Wks 1 Day

Only 6 more days until I get to see my beautiful bug :O) Hard to believe that in less than one week I will see his little face. Will he look like his mom? Will he look like his dad? Will he be a combination? Will he look like a family member? I just cannot wait to see his beautiful face. I hope he has his daddy's lips, they are long and full. My lips are small and thin. However, I hope he has his mommy's ears because his daddy's ears were too big as a child. (yes, Kevin agrees *lol*) However, how God makes him will be absolutely perfect :O) Unfortunately I was unable to post yesterday, I was gone all day long and by the time I got home I literally fell into bed and went to sleep not waking until this morning. I went to my sil's first OB appt. Her OB did an ultrasound, but she is so early in her pregnancy that the Dr could not see the baby at all (not even a speck) we saw a very tiny gestational sac, but couldn't see the baby. The sac wouldn't even register on the u/s for dates. So, OB told her that she is probably just 3-4 wks along, 5 would be pushing it. So, she has to go back in 2 wks for another u/s to get a due date. She has known she is pregnant for a week & a half. So, she knew really, really early on. I was hoping to at least see a baby in the u/s but didn't get to. Anyway, did that and went to the Salvation Army and bought a boppy pillow, booster seat and a stuffed Care Bear for bug. I know that the booster seat is way off, but I got all 3 things for $7.01. Definitely cannot beat the price. It was half off day, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am washing the boppy pillow now and will spray it with Lysol and will wipe the booster seat down with Clorox wipes and store it. I sure do love getting great deals! A friend of my mom's at work made bug a beautiful handmade quilt. It is yellow with Care Bears and other little animals on it. I am so happy to receive it, it truly means a lot when someone makes something for you. Bug has received so much and we are truly grateful for each and every thing that he receives. You know your child is truly loved when people care so much about him. I am not saying that it is always in the form of a gift, but just kind words mean a lot to us. I am posting a picture of the new quilt and also of the zucchini and green tomatoes that my dad gave me out of his garden. I have eaten quite a few of the green tomatoes though, so there are not many left and one of them is already turning orange *darn* Will try to take a picture of them after I cook them too. I want to thank all of you for all of the comments all of these months, they mean a ton to us. We cannot wait to introduce our bug to all of you. (or as my dad calls him... "coyote")

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