Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17, 2009 ~9 Days Left~ 36 Wks 5 Days

I had my weekly appointment today. I am still 50% effaced and just a "fingertip" dilated. Bug is doing very well. Passed his non-stress test, amniotic fluid is good, still practicing his breathing and still head down. He is such a great little boy and I am so very lucky to be his mom. I am now up 12 pounds total since my first Ob appointment in December. My Ob is very happy with bug's progress and we are still scheduled to be induced Friday, June 26th. Bug had his little fist in front of his face today, I wonder if he was sucking his thumb? My wonderful Dr tried to get a better u/s picture but bug was not at a very good angle and kept moving around. I spent the day after my appointment with my sister, sister in law, niece & nephew. Spent some time with my dad as well and it was very nice. My dad gave me some zucchini & green tomatoes out of his garden and I look forward to cooking them soon. (I love fried green tomatoes, yum) When I got home I got the best gift ever. My friend Kristy's mom Gwen made bug a beautiful hand crafted quilt. This was a complete surprise and it means so very much to me. The quilt is part of the "Chloe Bean Collection" I will type the card that explains the gift it reads " You have just received a quilt from my "Chloe Bean" Collection. I originally named my quilts "Happy Quilts". The first Happy Quilt was made for my sweet, little grand daughter Chloe. Bean was her nickname. She was a child with Down Syndrome. God's Love was always shining through her. Jesus took her home to be with Him August 15th, 2007. She was two years old. In honor of her memory, I have changed the name of my collection of quilts and accessories to "The Chloe Bean Collection". I said a prayer over your baby's quilt that God would bless you and your new baby. No quilt is made exactly like another. Please enjoy your quilt, as I have put all of my love into each quilt that I make." I feel honored that Gwen has made this quilt for my sweet little bug. I know how much she loved Chloe and to know that she put her time, effort, talent and love into this quilt for Cody is a feeling that I cannot properly explain. I broke down in tears when I opened the box. These were not tears of sadness, but tears of joy and appreciation. I have put a couple of pictures of the quilt here for you to enjoy. I know that Bug will enjoy this quilt for many years and it will be very well cared for. Thank you very much Gwen for this beautiful quilt. Kevin, Cody and I appreciate it more than I can tell you. Kristy has gone on to adopt 2 children with Down Syndrome since her beautiful little girl Chloe has gone to Heaven. You can visit her blog at She is not able to update very often because she truly has her hands full with her 2 beautiful babies. Feel free to visit her though just to see her beautiful children and her beautiful little Angel Chloe. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures, they truly do not do the quilt justice though. I cannot wait to post a picture of Cody with his Chloe Bean Quilt.


  1. I am so happy that you like it. I wanted to use bug fabric, but couldn't find any, so I decided on frogs. Kristy told me later that you like frogs too. Can't wait to see pics of Cody.I have enjoyed all of the pregnancy pic as well as ones of the family. Keeping all of you in my prayers.
    God bless,

  2. Dear Gwen,
    I do also love frogs :O) Bug's bathroom is completed in Frogs. Thank you again, so very much for this quilt. It truly means more than I could ever express.


  3. Beautiful Quilt,, how can I get one for Laci? or are they just for special familiy members?
    Love it.
    Christy, I am so glad Cody and you are still in great health..only one week..girl friend! You will have your gorgeous Bug in your arms and giving sweet kisses to him...I am excited for you!!!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it wonderful how God brings special people into our lives with the love of a child?!:)