Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7, 2009 ~19 More Days~

Me & Kevin (in my mom's front yard)

My Handsome Husband

My Sister Jess and her husband Tim

Me & my Brother
Today has been a busy day yet again. We woke up this morning, let dogs in and out, ate breakfast and headed out to see Kevin's mom who is in a nursing facility about 2 hours away. We visited with her for 2-3 hours and then began our journey back. We stopped and ate lunch, went to Walmart and then came home. BTW, it was 99 degrees today and I hate the heat. So, after getting home we were just lazy and haven't really done much around the house. I made dinner and still have yet to tackle the dishes. Kevin will do those shortly. I did not get a picture today because once we got home I just put on a raggedy t-shirt and have been wearing that all day and do not care to post a picture of that on here. Will post more pictures from my baby shower once I pick up the picture cd from my mom that she made. I did not take many pictures with my camera because I was busy mingling. Still haven't made the list of all of bug's gifts yet either. Will do that tomorrow since I am no longer working (on FMLA) Well, I am exhausted and so I am heading to bed. Will try to post my list of gifts tomorrow.

Christy and her beautiful bug, Cody and wonderful husband Kevin

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