Monday, June 22, 2009

Off Topic

I am sure that many of you know that Kevin and I were adopting 2 beautiful children with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. When we found out that we were pregnant with Cody, we had to release them back for adoption because due to my being such high risk, I could not get my regular or high risk Ob to clear me for travel. Especially international travel. So, with broken hearts we had to release the children so that they could be adopted by other families. We lost money, lots of money actually. Anyway, we were thankful when both children had new families commit to them. While it hurt our hearts that we were not God's plan for them, we were happy none the less that they would not be sent to a mental institution due to having Down Syndrome. The family that committed to adopt sweet Ivanna (Kacy to us) has decided not to bring her home. They believe that she has some behavioral issues that would be incompatible with their family. When I saw/met her a year ago I did not see/notice any of these behaviors, but they could be newly learned. Now we have some decisions to make. I love this little girl and would love to bring her home. However, we have to take in the fact that I will have to tote Cody to a foreign land because of breastfeeding and also because I will NOT leave him behind without me. Also, the financial end of it all. I am not working and money is tight, so how to go about it? Anyway, please keep Sweet Ivanna in your prayers for me please. Thank you

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  1. I was very upset when Kristy told me about Ivanna losing her family a few days ago. I will keep my thoughts about this to my self, though I did share them with Kristy. I have been praying so hard for her to find a family. She deserves one too. Praying that someone steps up soon to commit to her. I would love to see her in your home, but I know that traveling with a baby could be difficult.