Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23, 2009 ~3 Days Left~ 37 Wks 4 Days

Sorry I could not post yesterday. My Internet was acting up and wouldn't let me on. This morning it is acting funny but at least I can get on it. I had my appointment yesterday and all is well. I have dilated to a "1" and I am thinning nicely. Bug is in the "perfect" position and we are good to go. I do not have to go in on Thursday because of all of the above. So, I have to be at the hospital at 6am on Friday 6/26 and will be induced at 7:30am. I am getting more and more excited about bug's upcoming arrival. The only concern that I have is that there are many medications that I have had to be on for my entire pregnancy that Bug is going to have to withdrawal from (he will only withdrawal from one per the Dr). I know that the withdrawal is not going to be easy on him and I wish that I could save him from that, but the medication he will withdrawal from was not an optional drug. I feel absolutely horrible that my little guy will be born and have to "withdrawal" from anything. Makes me feel like a horrible mom already because his start in life is going to be rough on him. Once he is born the neonatologist will help get him adjusted. Please keep my little bug in your prayers that it isn't going to be too hard on his little body. (like I said before, it was not an optional medication) Here is a picture of my u/s yesterday. Not a very good one because of Bug's position, but it is something. My ob tried to get a better picture but could not. He also had his legs crossed and would not let the Dr look at his private area,lol. He passed his non-stress test in 8 minutes as well- he was not in the mood to be squished with the "wrap" things. Anyway, I posted a picture of myself since Kevin was not home when I was dressed in order to take a picture of me yesterday. So, enjoy my self portrait,lol.

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