Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christy is at the Hospital Now...

Hi everyone. This is Kristy Newbold. Christy asked me to update her blog for her as she has gone into the hospital early. She went in due to severe back pain. Upon being checked out, she was already 100% effaced. While she was there her blood pressure went up, possibly due to the pain. But they have kept her there and she is in a labor/delivery room currently.

The plan is to induce labor later tonight due to the blood pressure issue being a risk. She is really nervous and upset because it will not be her regular doctor that she knows, trusts, and has a history with.

I know that she would greatly appreciate your prayers. I will update more when I hear something new.


  1. I am praying all goes well...
    Keep us up dated..


  2. I just left her a message on her phone for a safe delivery tomorrow...Cody was just ready to see the light of God and his wonderous world!!!
    Prayers for Christy and Kevin and Baby Cody Bug!!
    Thank's for the update Kristy.

  3. Woot! Praying we have a baby soon! You guys sooo deserve this!