Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009 ~16 More Days~

Kevin and I are keeping my niece and nephew this week. We are all having a lot of fun and Aunt Christy is learning what it is like to have her hands full *lol* The kids have been a lot of help around the house as well. Robert surprised me by offering to vacuum the floors and did a wonderful job. Julia cleaned the coffee table and the tv. I am resting quite a bit and getting things in order here at home. It is amazing to think that I will be induced in 16 days with my precious little bug. We have this weekend and the next and then the following Friday is the magic day. Bug is still very active (when the non-stress test isn't being taken) and he is enjoying moving around and letting mommy know that he is very strong. Both Kevin and My family are all very excited about the upcoming arrival of our miracle baby. So hard to believe that after all of these years we are getting ready to hold our dream in our arms. I know I look tired in the pictures, but it isn't just "looking" tired. I AM tired,lol

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