Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009 ~12 More Days~

12 more days *wow* Bug has been very active today and mommy slept most of the day as well. Kevin and I took Robert and Julia home yesterday and then went to see his mom at the nursing facility where she lives. We then came home and after caring for the dogs, went to sleep. I have been so exhausted here lately that I have a hard time staying awake all day. For some reason my body is not liking the heparin injections much anymore. I have always gotten bruises where I give myself an injection, but here lately the bruises are horribly huge & bruised knots that hurt really bad. My clothes rubbing on them makes me cringe and when Cody pushes againist them it makes me want to drop to my knees in pain. I am calling my ob tomorrow morning because the pain is getting to be too much. When I give the injections in my legs the same thing is happening as well (except that Cody cannot push againist them) So, I will post a nasty, disgusting picture of what my stomach looks like from the heparin injections. My mom hates when I show this side of my pregnancy, but it is what it is. *Disclamier- This is what it takes to keep my little bug alive, I realize this and deal with it and have dealt with it for months. There is not a way to stop the injections without harming my child which I will not do. I just have a few more days of these though and then the bruising will eventually go away*

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  1. OUCH, that does not look good..even though we know the reason why...ouchy...only a couple more weeks.
    Prayer's to take the pain and discomfort away.