Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009 ~10 More Days~ 36 Wks 4 Days~

I did forget some stuff that was given for my little bug.. I knew I would (still probably forgetting stuff still though) I also got the little duck tub that I wanted as well. That is the cutest little thing and I cannot wait to bathe my little bug in the big yellow duck. I am not sure if bug is going to hold out until June 26th either. I believe he has "engaged" himself in my cervix and my body is changing a bit (tmi- so not going there) I have an ob appt tomorrow for my weekly non-stress test and ultrasound- so we will see what my wonderful OB tells me. I have the BEST ob in the world. I do not say those words lightly either. Were it not for him, Cody would not still be here moving around and stretching inside his mommy. My neighbors gave me a high chair, swing, bassinet & stroller that they had for their grandson. We already have all of these things though so I am going to donate it all to someone who can use it. I thanked them for everything and told them that I would find someone who could use it since we already have it all. I am thinking of giving it to maybe a battered women's shelter, but do not know how to find one. Will have to work on that today. I will be 32 years old on Thursday. Hard to believe that I am getting this old.... I remember being 14 and waiting to be 16 so that I could drive, then being 16 and couldn't wait to be 18 to be able to move out... then being 18 and couldn't wait to be 21 so that I could get into a club or buy alcohol (though never really drank any) After 21 the years kind of just flew by..... Hard to believe that that animal loving little girl is now going to be 32 yrs old. I bet it is even harder for my mom to believe :O) I used to drive my parents crazy with my animal obsession. There wasn't an animal within miles that didn't come home with me if I thought they were homeless. I used to cry when I saw a dog or cat walking on the side of the road and my mom or dad would not stop and let me pick them up. That is why I have so many pets now. I love animals and hope that Cody picks that up from me as well. Well, will post a picture once Kevin takes one of me today... I know I haven't posted one in a while but I have just felt horrible lately. Getting better though :O)

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