Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009 ~17 More Days~

My little Bug 35 Weeks 4 Days

Today has been a very, very busy day. I had an OB appt this morning. Had my weekly non-stress test and ultrasound done. Bug was really lazy this morning, so his non-stress test took a lot longer than normal. The ultrasound was wonderful. Got to see him practicing his breathing, which I adore. Will post his u/s pic tomorrow when I have some time. Dr did a strep b test that I should have the results to next week. My cervix is closed and I am 50% effaced. So excited that my little bug will be here in a little more than 2 weeks *YAY* I love this little boy sooooooo much. Will post more tomorrow.

Christy (aka exhausted at the moment)

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  1. You're getting SO CLOSE! Enjoy the moment!