Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 ~18 More Days~

Kevin and His Mom yesterday

Me, tonight 35 wks 3 days

18 More days to go.... Not too much longer and I will be holding my sweet little bug in my arms. Here is a list of gifts that my little bug got at the baby shower. I did not get a picture of all of it together. Once I get the picture cd from my mom I will be able to post the pictures of me & Kevin (with Julia's help) opening them though.
1. Excersaucer
2. Vibrating Bouncer
3. Musical Rainforest Gym
4. Baby Shampoo
5. Baby Wash
6. Baby Lotion
7. Baby Powder
8. Baby Nail Clippers w/ magnifying glass attachment
9. Safety Swabs (Q-tips)
10. Red Cross Rx Dispenser set
11. Desitin
12. Baby 1st Aid Kit
13. Medicine Kit
14. Diapers (newborn and size 1)
15. Wipes
16. Diaper Bag
17. Mirror to see baby from the front seat
18. Cloth Diapers
19. Bottle Brushes
20. Bibs
21. 2 Packs of Onesies
22. Teethers
23. Toys
24. Pacifiers
25. Car seat Toy
26. Stroller w/ Car seat
27. Base for Car seat
28. Hangers for baby/toddler clothes
29. Bottle/ Pacifier Drying Rack
30. $50 Walmart Gift Card
31. Bassinet Sheets

These are in no particular order, just in the order that I wrote them down. I probably am missing a couple of things still. The Stroller/ car seat and base for car seat are from my mom & step dad and they are not in yet. I will be getting all of that shortly. As you can see it was a very successful baby shower and I am very happy. I did not expect much because I know how hard the economy has hit everyone and I told everyone not to feel like that had to buy anything, just wanted everyone to come together. So, imagine my surprise when Bug received all of the above!! I got quite a few of the baby wash, baby shampoo and baby lotion's and I am VERY thankful for that because I do not think you can ever have enough of those! I will have Kevin take a picture of me tonight for my "daily" belly picture. I am hoping to have pictures made of me and Kevin before Cody is born (maternity pics). Maybe we can do that this weekend. I told Kevin that this weekend needs to be "our" weekend. Just the two of us doing whatever since Bug will be here in a couple of weeks and we will not have time for just the 2 of us for quite a while since Mommy isn't going to want Cody out of her sight. I plan on breastfeeding as well and will have to learn how to do that since it isn't something I have done before. I know Cody will be a champ, but mommy will have to follow his lead,lol. I know I say this all the time, but I cannot wait to see his sweet little face. I will also post a picture of Kevin and his mom from yesterday when we went to visit her. I need to buy some nursing bra's as well. I need good ones that will give great support and last for a while. Any suggestions? **Stroller, Car seat and Car seat base came in today**

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