Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009 ~36 Weeks~ 14 Days Left~

**WOW** Hard to believe that I am 36 weeks today! My little bug is scheduled to be induced in exactly 2 wks. In 2 weeks at this time I will have been induced and am hopeful that labor will be quick and that I will be holding my bug early in the day. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but one can dream. I just love this little boy so much and cannot wait to "meet" him. I was busy all day yesterday and therefore was unable to post my daily post yesterday. Yesterday was a very busy day for me, bug, Julia & Robert. We got up at 6am, ate breakfast then hung around the house cleaning up until about 10:30am, went to the tax office to get the registration stickers for Kevin's truck and my blazer. Left tax office and drove a little over an hour to my mom's work where her co-workers had a surprise baby shower for my mom and called and asked me to be there (since the gifts were for bug) We were supposed to be there at 1pm. Of course my mom somehow caught wind of their "surprise" because she called me before the kids and I left the house wanting to know if I was coming for the party. I of course asked her what the was talking about and she was a little confused (I guess I was pretty convincing) I was wondering how she found out about the "surprise" Anyway, we were on our way and hit a ton of traffic due to an accident in downtown Austin, then it was lunch time on top of that so it took us forever to get to my mom's job. They had a potluck and the food was all wonderful and Bug was given a ton of gifts for which Kevin and I are very grateful. He got a swing, clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, wipe warmer, bottle warmer, 2 blankets embroidered with his first and middle name, safety kit (for door knobs,cabinets and electrical outlets) Photo frames, spray and wash to help my clothing out,lol. There were many more things that I cannot think of right at the moment. I had a good time and of course I am more than thankful for the gifts that our little bug received. After we left there we went out for ice cream and then started on our way home. Had to go by Kevin's job to drop off some money and a large drink, did that and then headed home. Made dinner, ate then had to go to Walmart for dog & cat food. Yesterday was fun, but so exhausting. Today I have another baby shower to attend that is being given by a friend at church. It isn't until 6:30pm, so I have time to est before going. Anyway, will update later.


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